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Strategies for Work-Life Balance: Integrating Worlds

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Too often, work-life balance is positioned as the balance of two different and separate worlds – opposite ends of a seesaw, where increasing one must decrease the other. What if we instead invited these worlds to interact and overlap? Here are three strategies for connecting our worlds, and the benefits of doing so. Keep family…
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Quick Tips for Maintaining Work-Life Balance

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Is your work-life balance a bit lopsided?  Are work demands keeping you from being at your best with family, or is your work performance suffering because of life circumstances or repeated emergencies?  While we often talk about work-life balance in terms of making sure we protect family life in the age of 24/7-connectivity, sometimes, work-life…
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Finding the Meaning Behind Team-Building

Much is said about the benefits of team-building, but how do we do it in a way that doesn’t just feel like adult games at work? First, it is important to have a “why” behind the games—a larger learning point or goal that adults can get behind. Here’s an example. There are many team-building activities…
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Corporate Team-Building Activities

The best team-building exercises have a goal or purpose— one goal may be to provide a shared structured experience that allows team members to get to know each other better. Here are some ideas for team-building exercises that tend to achieve better team camaraderie. While this may take some planning, a shared volunteer experience supports…
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Team-Building Activity: Playing the Cards

Here’s a team-building activity for adults that is fun and generates valuable information at the team level.  It works for teams of 6 to 60+ and requires only a stack of index cards (at least 3 cards per person) and pens or markers. First, create small groups of 2 to 6 people, depending on group…
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Motivating Employees Through Employee Engagement Surveys

There are many survey tools available to assess employee engagement in your organization. This article provides ideas and activities to engage your employees through two simple and interactive employee surveys. These surveys will provide you with feedback about employee motivation and offer paths forward for increased engagement. Survey 1: Defining Employee Engagement To build employee…
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