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Quiz: Is it Sexual Harassment?

Test your knowledge about which behaviors warrant investigation by HR—and possibly the EEOC. Sexual harassment is making the news a lot these days, but most of the complaints that HR hears about day-to-day aren’t quite as clear-cut—or egregious—as the reports against former Fox CEO Roger Ailes, Kevin Spacey and Charlie Rose. The classic example of…
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Linking Human Resource and Business Metrics

Linking Human Resource and Business Metrics thumbnail

Many organizations maintain department-specific metrics and dashboards to track their success. True organizational integration and performance demands that departments work together to identify the metrics that cross boundaries for greater success. Here are three examples of how HR metrics and analytics can be integrated with business measures to assess human capital performance. These metrics are…
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Rating Recruitment: Human Resource Metrics

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Recruiting is usually a core activity in Human Resources (HR) Departments, and developing meaningful recruitment metrics can help HR clearly and succinctly communicate its success in this area. Here are some examples of HR delivery metrics specifically related to recruiting, and why they are important. Number of applicants per position: Knowing the average number of applicants…
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Quick Tips for Human Resource (HR) Dashboards

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Everyone loves dashboards, and the modern automobile has seduced us into thinking they are easy to build and maintain. The real world, however, is more complex. Here are some factors to consider when selecting and constructing a dashboard for your organization. Data Availability. Dashboards rely and report on underlying data. If the data aren’t available…
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Negativity in the Workplace: How to Deal – Video

Transcript In every workplace there are negative attitudes that eat away at the productivity of everyone associated with the organization. These people may go unidentified for some time, all the while causing major damage. Quite often they’re good at their jobs, but like an infection, their attitudes can spread rapidly, without major symptoms, until the…
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Navigating FOUR Generations in the Workplace – Video

Transcript Nowadays companies find themselves handling four generations of American workers. Each group has its own distinctive characteristics, ethics, and approaches toward work based on its generation’s life experiences. Let’s take a look at the four generations in the workplace and how they interact with one another. The first set, veterans. These folks are born…
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5 Tips for Surviving a Costly Audit, Investigation or Lawsuit – Video

Transcript Let’s discuss five tips that will help your company navigate tricky HR issues, and hopefully avoid a costly audit, investigation, or lawsuit. Tip number one, know the law. HR laws vary from state to state, so be sure that you’re enforcing the appropriate laws if your company operates in more than one state. Having…
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