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Four Practical Ways to Celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month

Four Practical Ways to Celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month thumbnail

In a separate article, we focused on what Global Diversity Awareness month is and why and how organizations can use it to strategically initiate or reevaluate Diversity and Inclusion initiatives. In this article, we focus on concrete and practical activities that any team, organization or individual can implement to jumpstart this work and celebrate the…
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Building Global Diversity Awareness in Your Organization

Building Global Diversity Awareness in Your Organization thumbnail

There are many diversity-focused weeks and months throughout the year – many focusing on the uniqueness of a specific group or characteristic, or a different source of diversity.  In October, we celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month.   What is Global Diversity Awareness Month? Global Diversity Awareness Month – celebrated in October – emerged after World…
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A Micro-Look at Microlearning: Designing a Learning Experience

A Micro-Look at Microlearning: Designing a Learning Experience thumbnail

Microlearning is training that delivers bite-sized pieces of information to learners.  Together, several microlearning courses can be combined to create a larger training program – but each should be able to stand on its own as well.  In this article, we focus on how to construct a microlearning that is no longer than a couple…
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What is Microlearning? Training in Less Time than a Coffee Break

What is Microlearning? Training in Less Time than a Coffee Break thumbnail

National Coffee Day is in September, and the event raises an interesting question: What could you teach someone in the time it takes to drink a cup of coffee?  This is not just a theoretical question – for learning and development professionals, that question is at a heart of a new training approach: microlearning.  …
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Top Excel Interview Questions to Prepare For

Computer skills and Data analysis are among the top “hard” skills that employers are looking for in job candidates. Employers want to know that you can use the tools you need to stay organized, to communicate important information and accurately interpret the information you use daily. Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet tool in…
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Critical Practices for Leading a Team

When talking about leading a team, many focus on long-term intact teams. These may be organizational support teams, sales teams or service teams – regardless of mission, they are designed to stay together for a long time.  It is equally important to be able to effectively lead temporary teams – teams that are convened for…
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Leading A Team to Success in Five Steps

Let’s be clear: teamwork is really hard. For every blog article proclaiming how beneficial teamwork is, there is a manager struggling to make it happen in the real world. In this article, we’ll look at five critical steps that help these managers lead a team to success.   1. Setting a Clear Charter and Goals…
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Personality and Conflict Managing Style

According to the most recent data from the American Institute of Stress, 41 percent of those surveyed said that their workplace stress stems from being overworked. You might not be surprised by this, considering how most industries are short-staffed these days. However, you might be surprised by the second-leading cause of workplace stress. Of those…
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National Safety Month: Tips for Observing Workplace Safety

The National Safety Council is America’s leading nonprofit safety advocate and provides a variety of tools and resources that organizations and leaders can use to create safer workplaces.  The organization celebrates June as National Safety Month, making it an appropriate time to pause and take stock of safety practices at work, at home and on…
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