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Adobe® Photoshop® Project Management

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One of the most commonly used computer software for creative professionals is Adobe® Photoshop®. Below are a few tips and organizational strategies to help those using Adobe® Photoshop® to stay organized, improve project turn around and enhance accuracy. Project Planning: When taking on a project, remain aware of its distinct phases and note any time constraints…
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Top Three Things Businesses Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies

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Blockchain technology has exploded into the public awareness with the rapid rise of cryptocurrency as a tradable commodity. Digital currency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple utilize blockchain applications to create “coins” or “tokens” which are exchanged through a specific platform of networked computers. As business owners enter this space, many are wondering how does…
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Technology Differences: Women vs. Men

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Women Use Technology Differently than Men: Here’s How The consumer market consistently reveals that women not only use technology, they are early adopters and buy more than men in certain cases. But that doesn’t mean women use their smartphones and laptops the same way as their male counterparts, or for the same reasons.


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