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Memory Dynamics: Exaggeration

Included in the Reading Dynamics Library

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Vocabulary Dynamics: How it Works

Included in the Reading Dynamics Library

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Evelyn Wood Library Products & Webinars

Complete Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics System

An integrated, multimedia approach to reading faster and remembering more.


Evelyn Wood Dynamic Duo - Memory and Vocab

How to retain, recall and remember more. How to read, write and communicate with confidence & clarity.


Evelyn Wood Memory Dynamics

How to retain, recall and remember more!

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Evelyn Wood Pro Pack

A five pro pack.


Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics

The World Famous Speed-Reading Program!

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Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics AND Evelyn Wood Speed Drills

Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics® Speed Drills


Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Accelerator Program

Ready to take it to the next level?

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Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Quick-Start Guide

An Introductory DVD to Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics, The World Famous Speed-Reading Program

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Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics Speed Drills

Quick, easy drills to maximize and maintain your speed

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