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Spotlight Excel Formula: Convert Text to Numbers

Numbers stored as text can present problems for lookup formulas and regular calculations. There are a few ways to convert Text to Numbers in Excel using a formula. We’ll look at three separate scenarios and see how we can use a formula to make things work the way they should. Download ConvertTexttoNumbers.xlsx and try out…
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Accounting Magic – What You Need to Know About Accounting Excel Formulas

Accounting is more than just debits and credits. It is the calculation and analysis of those debits and credits that generate accounting information an organization can act upon. Let’s take a look at two types of reports a professional in the Accounting Department might be asked to generate. Then, we’ll see how that information can…
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Excel Finance Formulas

Given the number crunching power of Excel, you might surmise that when it comes to calculating money matters, it really shines. And, so it does. In order to understand how the various financial functions, work, there are a few components to understand. Most of the fifty-five functions that are classified as financial functions in Excel…
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List of Essential Excel Formulas

There are hundreds of functions in Excel that can be very helpful in crunching numbers and transforming data into information. Here are three categories of critical functions that every savvy Excel user should know how to read and use. See these formulas and functions in action by downloading: List of Excel Formulas.xlsx It’s Only Logical…
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Save Time With Our Excel Formulas Cheat Sheet

Syntax, Operators and Functions…Oh My! Do you speak Excel? Are you just starting out and trying to remember the go-to lingo? Well, today’s blog post is a snapshot of helpful cheat sheet material to help you build your Excel skills. Advanced Filter Criteria Popular Excel Functions and Descriptions Next Steps As you continue working in…
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3 Ways to Multiply in Excel

While there is no “Excel multiply formula” there are multiple ways to multiply in Excel. For instance, do you use an asterisk (*) to multiply, but hit a brick wall when you apply other arithmetic operators? What about shortcuts for multiplying many numbers in one step? Read on for three powerful ways to perform an…
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