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Adobe® Photoshop® Project Management

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One of the most commonly used computer software for creative professionals is Adobe® Photoshop®. Below are a few tips and organizational strategies to help those using Adobe® Photoshop® to stay organized, improve project turn around and enhance accuracy. Project Planning: When taking on a project, remain aware of its distinct phases and note any time constraints…
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Charting Better Time Management with a Pareto Analysis

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To solve a problem, we must understand it. A lot of effective time and project management is understanding the root causes that lead to quality problems, or to increased time on a project.  A Pareto Analysis is an approach for identifying, classifying and visualizing the causes driving a problem or variable. For example, what factors…
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The ABC’s of an ABC Analysis

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A lot of time and project management is making smart lists. Most people make “To Do” lists – long strings of activities with various levels of importance and urgency. Then, once complete, we get to check the activities off the list, often with a sense of closure and satisfaction. Organized as a single “list of…
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Project Management Techniques for Career Development

As a project manager, you may have a stable team that stays with you from project to project, or you may have different team members for each project. Regardless of whether your team is permanent or temporary, as the project manager, you have both the opportunity and responsibility to engage in career development with your…
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Five of the Best Online Project Management Tools

While it’s possible to guide projects with nothing more than whiteboards and email, most complex projects require software to track all the moving parts. In a dynamic work environment, online and cloud-based tools offer the most flexibility for the cost. There are hundreds of applications to choose from, but these five are among the most…
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Excel Gantt Chart Template

Manage Your Projects with Our Excel Gantt Chart Template Are you required to manage project timelines when dates for dependencies are shifting? Do you need to know how the latest resource adjustment will affect the project deliverable dates? Then you need a Gantt chart. Some managers can’t function without expensive project management software such as…
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