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Create a 3-D Power Map in Excel

Microsoft’s latest release of Excel has some powerful updates. Our latest 2016 highlight is the popular Power Map add-in. This feature can plot geographic and temporal data on a globe or custom map in a three-dimensional presentation. You can view data changing over time and create animated presentations called “tours”. Imagine you’re creating a presentation…
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Interactive Excel Charts: Create a Chart Selector

More and more data has led to more and more opportunities to present it in visually understandable ways. However, it can get frustrating having to navigate through a large workbook, just to find the exact chart you need. In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to create an interactive chart selector. If you aren’t familiar with…
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Use Multiple Worksheets to Create 3D Excel Charts

A 3D Excel formula allows you to calculate cells across multiple worksheets. It is incredibly useful for creating a summary sheet to share data with others. You can then share the results visually with the help of a 3D Excel Chart. Download and follow along with 3D Excel Charts.xlsx. Step-by-Step: 3D Excel Formula Make sure…
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