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5 Tips & Tricks for Better Time Management and Multitasking

Go faster! Work harder! Get more done in less time! MULTITASK! Sound familiar? Everyone’s trying to find the secret formula for cramming as much work as possible into every workday. Too often, though, the result of our super-scheduled, overly tight timelines is that we obsess over double-, triple- or quadruple-tasking…
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Three Steps to a New Assertive You

I sat at my desk, fiddling with my pen, clicking the ballpoint in and out repeatedly. Anyone who knew me would have read that as a sure sign of agitation. I tapped the keys of my keyboard and glanced at the clock repeatedly, trying to be obvious – but not…
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What does Professionalism Look like?

What does professionalism look like? Do you “know it when you see it”? Take a look at the images below and sort them into two groups: More Professional and Less Professional. Did you sort all of the people with digital devices into one group or the other? If not –…
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