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Assessment: Diversity and Communications

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Often, discussions about diversity quickly become discussions about structural or systemic problems or patterns over time – and thus become a sociology debate, rather than a personal assessment. In reality, despite the complexities of diversity in the workplace, what most of us really control occurs at the level of the conversation.  We show respect for…
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Preparing for Pirates: Communicating Through Conflict

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Each September, “Talk Like a Pirate Day” celebrates the light-hearted side of piracy—the rolling letter “rrrr’s,” the merry drinks and the adventures of life at sea.  In real life, though, we occasionally run into the more traditional pirate–the one that is ready to board your boat and take your treasure away. Contemplating pirates offers a…
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“Ahoy, me hearties!” Communicating with Pirates

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While not likely on your official work calendar, September 19th is “Talk Like a Pirate Day,” so let’s get ready to celebrate!  The holiday is whimsical and informal, celebrating a positive pop-culture vision of pirates and their unique language conventions and practices. The holiday also reminds us that to get our message heard, it is…
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Gracious Response – How to Receive Performance Feedback

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You probably know one or more people who do not take kindly to receiving feedback on what they can do better. Maybe you’re one of those. Take heart—most of us are! Many people do not like the idea of being told what they’re not doing well. It’s like someone saying you’re wrong. You probably don’t…
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Technology in Business Communication

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The technology explosion of the past two decades has left businesses running catch-up. It’s easy for an individual to use a smart phone, but how does a large, or even not-so-large, organization leverage that convenience into business advantage? In some cases, communication technology has even harmed efficiencies by introducing tools that generate massive amounts of…
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