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Charting Better Time Management with a Pareto Analysis

Charting Better Time Management with a Pareto Analysis thumbnail

To solve a problem, we must understand it. A lot of effective time and project management is understanding the root causes that lead to quality problems, or to increased time on a project.  A Pareto Analysis is an approach for identifying, classifying and visualizing the causes driving a problem or variable. For example, what factors…
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The ABC’s of an ABC Analysis

The ABC’s of an ABC Analysis thumbnail

A lot of time and project management is making smart lists. Most people make “To Do” lists – long strings of activities with various levels of importance and urgency. Then, once complete, we get to check the activities off the list, often with a sense of closure and satisfaction. Organized as a single “list of…
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How Can You Manage Your Time Better?

One of the best approaches to time management is to acknowledge that no one can do everything. Yet, many time management trainers still focus on schedules and productivity instead of prioritization, energy and coping with distractions. The truth is that time is limited and you are a finite resource. The effort to “keep up” can…
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5 Tips & Tricks for Better Time Management and Multitasking

Go faster! Work harder! Get more done in less time! MULTITASK! Sound familiar? Everyone’s trying to find the secret formula for cramming as much work as possible into every workday. Too often, though, the result of our super-scheduled, overly tight timelines is that we obsess over double-, triple- or quadruple-tasking and lose focus on our…
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