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Communication Styles: Starting with Self, Connecting with Others

There are many factors to consider when thinking about communication – the audience, content, tone and place and time. These all begin and end with how individuals express themselves when interacting with others: called your communication style. 

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5 Excel Data Entry Tips and Tricks You’ll Wish You’d Learned Earlier

When you start learning Excel, you begin by using the simplest methods for entering data and creating calculations. It is a credit to the software that so many tasks are able to be performed by the most inexperienced of users right from the beginning of their training.

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Learn How to Manage and Accept Change

In business change is all around us, perhaps it’s a new software program that changes the way you complete your daily work, maybe your CEO retired, and the new CEO has a completely different management style, possibly you’re going through a merger or downsizing. We’ve all heard the saying “If…
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