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Understanding the Project Management Process

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Successfully guiding projects from initiation to implementation requires a balance of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques [1]. One of the best ways to make sure a project has the best possible outcome is to understand the processes involved in effective management. Projects can be divided into six phases [2]. Initiation What is the project meant…
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Five of the Best Online Project Management Tools

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While it’s possible to guide projects with nothing more than whiteboards and email, most complex projects require software to track all the moving parts. In a dynamic work environment, online and cloud-based tools offer the most flexibility for the cost. There are hundreds of applications to choose from, but these five are among the most…
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Conditional Formatting Across Multiple Cells in Excel

Steps in this article will apply to Excel 2007-2016. Images were taken using Excel 2016. Conditional formatting is a useful Excel feature that can help you quickly scan your data without resorting to complicated filtering or fussy charts. Often, you will use conditional formatting to call attention to cells that represent an outlying condition –…
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Using If/Then in Conditional Formatting in Excel

*Steps in this article will apply to Excel 2007-2016. Images were taken using Excel 2016. If you are a fan of Excel’s conditional formatting feature, you probably find looking for even more and more ways to highlight useful information in your data. A question that often comes up among these “conditional formatting addicts” is Can…
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Nesting Functions in Excel – A Tutorial for Beginners

Most of us begin using Excel by creating simple worksheets that organize data and perform simple calculations. Then, we might dabble with some of Excel’s many pre-set functions for more complex calculations. You know you’re a real Excel addict, however, when you start thinking How can I crunch my data even more efficiently? This means…
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Excel Conditional Formatting: Date Data

Turning your cluttered spreadsheet of data into living, actionable information can be as simple as adding visual cues. Unless you are really good at doing date calculations in your head, conditional formatting is especially helpful when determining ages or anticipating birthdays and anniversaries. The following steps show how to perform a common Human Resources task:…
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Get the Most Out of Excel’s Conditional Formatting

As a continuation of our post last week, we decided to expand on some great uses from conditional formatting. Highlighting negative values in red and using several built-in conditions is great when you are starting out, but you are not getting nearly enough bang for your buck! Here are three ways to get more out…
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