Pryor’s Microlearning eLibrary Fulfills Diverse Learning Needs in Under Ten Minutes

For those of you wondering, “What is microlearning,” it is a way of teaching and delivering content in timely and specific bursts targeting immediate behavior change.  Research indicates microlearning yields an average of four to five takeaways in ten minutes or less by taking advantage of peak energy levels that drop after 20 minutes of focused attention.

Why are individual learners and companies benefiting from microlearning?

  • Learners are 20% more likely to retain what they learn in the short, informative microlearning sessions.
  • Microlearning courses cut development costs by 50% and increase the speed of development by 300%–not to mention the amount of time saved when compared to traditional learning methods.
  • Managers, along with HR and L&D teams are employing the use of microlearning tools to close skill gaps and deliver just-in-time learning for everything from core-competencies to compliance and safety training. Put simply, micro time commitment equals macro development.


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Examples of microlearning options available on Pryor’s eLearning platform, Pryor+, include:

  • 3,500+ microlearning courses presented in under ten minutes to inspire immediate behavior change. Complete microlearning course listing.
  • 15+ subject categories feature microlearning content—such as customer service, computer skills and software, HR, IT, leadership, marketing and more.
  • 5+ microlearning formats such as eTips, gamification videos, infographics, Skillbuilders, targeted tutorial videos and more.

Already have an LMS platform and looking to add microlearning eLibrary content, only?  Pryor does that, too.

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