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A Micro-Look at Microlearning: Designing a Learning Experience

Microlearning is training that delivers bite-sized pieces of information to learners.  Together, several microlearning courses can be combined to create a larger training program – but each should be able to stand on its own as well. 

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Linking National Ice Cream Day with Employee Engagement

Employees want to feel like their organization is focused on a clear mission with compelling goals that they are personally aligned with.  Engagement with the organization does not just come from eating ice cream – it comes from being fully bought in to the concept of the store itself.

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National Ice Cream Day: Celebration Tips

  In the United States, July marks the heat of summer, with camps and vacations – a perfect time for a cold treat.  Ice cream can be a unifying and shared event at work too.  For team members working their way through the summer, an ice cream focused event offers a nice employee engagement break!

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