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Using Workplace Safety to Build Employee Engagement

The workplace is a dynamic environment that requires individuals to be both vigilant and proactive to protect themselves and others. Getting creative in how we address workplace safety can also be a way to build employee engagement.  It can help your organization meet requirements from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the federal agency…
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Linking National Ice Cream Day with Employee Engagement

July is National Ice Cream Month – so mark your calendars for the third Sunday in July to pause and reflect on the longevity of ice cream as a national treat.  Here at Pryor Learning, we also think ice cream is a great tool for thinking about employee engagement, development and retention.  Let’s look at…
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Global Employee Health and Fitness Month: Tips for Leaders

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month: Tips for Leaders thumbnail

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month sets aside a specific month of the year to help organizations focus on physical fitness and healthy lifestyles.  Encouraging active living, quality physical education and health programs can have long term benefits for individuals, teams and organizations.  This article focuses on providing tips for leaders for promoting health and…
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The Irony of True Engagement: Stretching Hurts!

The Irony of True Engagement: Stretching Hurts! thumbnail

Different employees want different developmental opportunities. Some prefer the stability of a long-term dedicated role; others want to be stretched to grow and learn something new. Some may see new opportunities as the organization just continuing to raise the stakes; others may seek that challenge. For high-performing employees who want to be stretched, the most…
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Employee Retention – Making the Case for Staying

Employee Retention – Making the Case for Staying thumbnail

With rapid shifts in the economy and business landscape, retaining current employees feels like an important mandate.  Employee retention is certainly vital for operations and continuity.  It is also important to be objective in weighing both their value to you, and your value to them.  Here are some questions to ask in this process. How…
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Five Tips for Employee Engagement in 2020

Five Tips for Employee Engagement in 2020 thumbnail

As we enter the New Year, many of us optimistically create resolutions for the 12 months ahead.  At the same time, many managers face the task of developing action plans to respond to employee engagement survey results.  Here are five tips for blending New Year’s resolutions and engagement change management: Welcome Employees Back! A lot…
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Employee Engagement: A Case Study

Employee Engagement: A Case Study thumbnail

In this article, we share a case study about an organization that dramatically improved its employee engagement scores related to performance management.  The organization received feedback that high performance was not sufficiently differentiated and acknowledged in the organization, and rewards were not well aligned with performance. First, the management team analyzed the problem. While annual…
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Motivating Employees Through Employee Engagement Surveys

Motivating Employees Through Employee Engagement Surveys thumbnail

There are many survey tools available to assess employee engagement in your organization. This article provides ideas and activities to engage your employees through two simple and interactive employee surveys. These surveys will provide you with feedback about employee motivation and offer paths forward for increased engagement. Survey 1: Defining Employee Engagement To build employee…
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8 Simple Activities that Build Employee Engagement

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Thoughtfully motivating and engaging employees takes a concerted and systemic approach throughout the organization. That said, there are also simple activities that also support employee engagement — make it a point to do one a day and you will see the benefits in both the short and long term. Say “thank you.” Be specific about…
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