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Business Writing for Clarity and Impact

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The best writing is clear communication that your audience can understand and use. This helps increase effectiveness and accountability – in other words, your writing will have greater impact, because people will know what to expect next or what to do.  Clear writing also demonstrates openness and transparency –overly technical language can lead the reader…
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Business Writing and Grammar: Real World Tips

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Writing is a key skill and core competency in most workplaces. Why? Writing communicates essential information in a way that others can access and use.  Every piece you create should have a goal, and the structure and words in that document should fulfill that goal. Easy, right? In fact, many people struggle with writing –…
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Want to Boost Productivity? Have Employees Read a Book!

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Would you like to boost employee confidence? Improve empathy? How about encouraging curiosity and critical thinking across all levels of your organization? What if, in doing so, you could also foster a new sense of community and engagement? Now, imagine if I told you all you needed to do was to have them read books…
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Six Word Selfie

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Selfies. Even the word can come off as self-centered. Barely discernable landmarks, oblivious celebrities and current events blur behind odd faces, cocked heads and flashy grins. The word was, for better or worse, added to our lexicon this year, though it’s not always well understood (John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight featured an entire segment called…
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