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External Reference Links: Link Excel Worksheets Together

External Reference Links: Link Excel Worksheets Together thumbnail

Worksheets can be linked so that information shared between the two is always identical. This reduces errors and ensures consistency as information only needs to be entered in one place to be available in multiple locations. In our example today, data is gathered and duplicated between employees and departments. One employee compiles a sheet with…
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Trace Precedents in Excel: Find Formulas, Functions and Cells Connected to a Cell

Have you ever inherited a worksheet that someone else set up or you created and haven’t played in for some time? If you need to update the formulas and functions, but do not know what other calculations will be affected you could quickly make a lot of work for yourself! You might also be hunting…
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Use Graphics to Compare Cell Values in Excel

Want a quick way to view and interpret data directly in the tables without resorting to graphs or charts? You can add color bars, icons or graphics that reflect the meaning of the data in each cell to get an “at a glance” view of your data. Conditional formatting means that the formatting applied to…
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3 Easy Ways to Customize Your Sparklines in Excel

After your sparklines have been created, Excel offers several tools for you to control which value points are shown, set options on the vertical axis, and define how empty values are displayed. You can also change colors, apply styles from Office’s pre-loaded style gallery or apply a custom style that you have saved. Change Value…
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