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Top Excel Interview Questions to Prepare For

Computer skills and Data analysis are among the top “hard” skills that employers are looking for in job candidates. Employers want to know that you can use the tools you need to stay organized, to communicate important information and accurately interpret the information you use daily. Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet tool in…
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5 Excel Data Entry Tips and Tricks You’ll Wish You’d Learned Earlier

When you start learning Excel, you begin by using the simplest methods for entering data and creating calculations. It is a credit to the software that so many tasks are able to be performed by the most inexperienced of users right from the beginning of their training. Once you gain experience and confidence, however, these…
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How to Lock Cells in Excel to Protect Your Work from Changes

We’ve all done it.  Mis-clicked. Mis-typed. Hit enter when we meant to hit tab. And while it’s frustrating to make mistakes in a spreadsheet of our own data, when managing important company assets those mistakes can have expensive consequences. When many people work on the same spreadsheet, these normal opportunities for errors are multiplied. This…
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How to Password Protect an Excel File

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Why You Might Need to Protect an Excel File Information in today’s corporate environment is as important as raw materials are to a manufacturer or labor is to the service industry. Organizations collect data from consumers, vendors, employees and even competitors every day. When that data contains sensitive information, then it is in the organization’s…
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Microsoft® Excel® – Getting Help

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Like many software tools, Microsoft® Excel® has a LOT more functionality than most people need for most standard assignments. Consistent with the 80/20 rule, which holds that 80% of the results flow from 20% of the work, most people really only need 20% of the functionality of a tool for 80% of their work.  Unfortunately,…
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When to Use Microsoft® Excel® for Text Products

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Microsoft® does a good job of creating different software for different core business functions, however, there can be some overlap between tools.  For example, we often select Microsoft® Word for text-heavy documents with tables, but there are times when Excel® may be your best starting point. Here are examples of when it may be best…
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Preparing Final Products using Microsoft® Excel®

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Many of today’s desktop applications are designed to show the final formatting on the screen as you work on the product.  For example, in Microsoft® Word, as long as you view the document in “Print Layout” as you are typing, you will generally see on the screen what you can expect when you print.  For…
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