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8-Week Get Organized Diet: Free template

Are you or members of your team drowning in paperwork or having trouble finding things? A messy workspace or filing system can affect productivity and increase stress. This exercise makes a great team activity and will walk you through getting organized in less than an hour a week over eight weeks. 

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6 Ways to Be More Productive

The best way to manage our time in the workplace isn't necessarily to have a more comprehensive schedule, but instead to have a smarter schedule. The real trick is to make sure you have the energy and attention to deal with all your tasks. Here are some tips to help…
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Want to Boost Productivity? Have Employees Read a Book!

Would you like to boost employee confidence? Improve empathy? How about encouraging curiosity and critical thinking across all levels of your organization? What if, in doing so, you could also foster a new sense of community and engagement? Now, imagine if I told you all you needed to do was…
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