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Excel Macro Tutorial for Beginners

To follow using our example, download MacrosForBeginners.xlsx Once you get comfortable navigating Excel, it won’t be long before you start to hear about this wondrous feature called a “Macro” that can  leap tall projects with a single keystroke and make boring tasks go by faster than a speeding bullet. While Macros aren’t really the superman…
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How Can You Manage Your Time Better?

How Can You Manage Your Time Better? thumbnail

One of the best approaches to time management is to acknowledge that no one can do everything. Yet, many time management trainers still focus on schedules and productivity instead of prioritization, energy and coping with distractions. The truth is that time is limited and you are a finite resource. The effort to “keep up” can…
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How to Calculate Median in an Excel PivotTable – Almost!

A frequent question that comes up when working with Excel PivotTables is how to calculate median using the table’s filters and analysis. The short answer is “Excel doesn’t do that”. Meaning, there isn’t a simple way to change the Value Field Settings to calculate “Median”. The closest you can get is “Average”. However, averages aren’t…
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