Business Writing for Results

Make your words sizzle with clarity and impact!

This program will give you the skills to write with clarity, impact and power. You'll acquire the essentials for organizing your thoughts and cohesively shaping them on paper. Learn how to overcome writer's block and choose words that elicit a positive response. Snappy letters, effective memos, perfect proposals and clear, organized writing can now be yours.

Learn how to:

  • Write to accomplish a specific response
  • Develop opening statements that captivate the reader's attention
  • Be dynamic and lively in your language
  • Establish credibility and trust with your reader
  • Identify and eliminate monotonous, repetitive language
  • Avoid common — and serious — business-writing flaws
  • Choose the perfect words to express your thoughts
Business Writing for Results - A Course To Make Your Words Sizzle

Every day you work with words. Whether you write memos to coworkers, reports to your boss or letters to customers, your writing is a direct reflection of your ability, confidence and professionalism.