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Delivering feedback, criticism or appropriate disciplinary action to effectively solve employee performance problems can be difficult and tricky, even for the most seasoned managers.

Many managers retreat when it comes to criticizing and disciplining employees. Why? Because they fear the inevitable confrontation associated with telling team members that they need to change their behavior, attitude or way of working. You can't avoid it! Ignoring the problem will only damage the morale of your team, increase conflict with other team members and undermine your authority as a manager. Not only that, you have an obligation to your organization, to your team and to problem employees if they aren't falling in line and meeting expectations.

But it doesn't have to be difficult. Properly planned and delivered constructive criticism can lead to improved performance — immediately! Learning how to bring about a positive change in your employees is critical to your success as a manager and to the success of every member of your team.

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Don't rely on "shoot from the hip" skills to perform the most important tasks in employee development. Remember that discipline isn't about dismissal; it's all about development. Learning to deal effectively with those employees who need extra guidance and feedback will improve your team's performance and productivity, enhance your professional reputation and lower everyone's stress level.

Are you confident that you can identify with and perform each of the following objectives?

  • I can identify and effectively guide problem employees to better results
  • I can set quality standards to ensure enhanced development and increased productivity of all employees
  • I understand what challenges my employees are facing and have a plan on how to move them past the challenges
  • I am prepared to face tough discussions with confidence and knowledge of what needs to be said and done

If you're unsure about even one of these objectives, you need to attend this program to be sure you are helping your team function at an optimal level. This powerful one-hour webinar is a worthwhile investment that can help you avoid costly employee turnover, improve team performance and eliminate negative employee confrontations.

Don't dread confrontation with your employees about their behavior, attitude and performance. Gain the skills you need to turn these situations into opportunities for enhancing employee development, building team morale and becoming a better manager.

You and your entire team will benefit from this informative and exciting one-hour webinar. Don't miss out — get great training that will have you gaining your coworkers' respect and successfully improving your team!

What You'll Learn

  • Identify what causes employees to fall into the trouble zone
  • Develop an approach to deal with employees that results in a more consistent, positive outcome
  • Create a plan to move employees from the trouble zone into the productive zone
  • Uncover the answers that challenge managers and supervisors to be an agent of productive growth
  • And much more!

Who Will Benefit

HR managers, department managers, supervisors and anyone who is involved with employee development and growth — or needs a greater understanding of the employee development process.

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