Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects and Deadlines

Gain control over time, tasks and priorities

1-Day Seminar


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CPE: 6  

Prioritize crucial projects, manage conflicting demands, reduce pressure and master multiple tasks with confidence

Enroll now for this energizing one-day seminar if you need to get more done in less time … recognize your real priorities … keep track of numerous projects … establish and meet deadlines … and eliminate bottlenecks.

This powerful one-day seminar teaches you the all-important skills that will help you deal with dozens of top priorities. Filled with practical how-to strategies, this time-management training will ensure that you:

  • Stop wasting time and get the clock working for you instead of against you
  • Take control of your multiple projects, even when they're all top priorities
  • Handle with ease all of the unexpected demands and unplanned situations that destroy the most careful scheduling
  • Stay cool, calm and collected when the pressure is overwhelming and stress threatens your effectiveness

Set aside just one day, and you'll be able to manage multiple demands and priorities, get more done in less time, keep on top of numerous projects and deadlines, and eliminate pressure and stress from your work day. If you're too busy to attend, enroll today! For you, this seminar is truly a top priority!

Powerful time management training that make an impact:
  • Plans that really work — for today, next week, next month and next year — even when you've had trouble adhering to plans in the past
  • What to do first — when everything is a priority and expectations are high
  • Action plans that move projects ahead — even stalled ones
  • Innovative methods that really keep you on track through changing priorities, last-minute alterations, uncertainty, crises and chaos
Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects & Deadlines

Gain control over time, tasks and priorities

This powerful one-day seminar will show you how you can easily handle even the most impossible demands without the long work days, stress-filled schedules, burnout and panic that may have plagued you in the past. Learn how to prioritize crucial projects, manage conflicting demands, reduce pressure and master multiple tasks with confidence.

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Taking Control of Multiple Tasks — How to run your life, instead of your life running you!

  • The practical manager’s guide to goal-setting three simple questions to help you set specific goals effortlessly.
  • Four dangerous mistakes that prevent realistic, effective goal-setting.
  • A step-by-step action plan to ensure you will meet your short- and long-term goals.
  • How to pinpoint your most important priorities and decide how you must deal with each of them.
  • Use to-do lists to keep you on track and guide you through today, this week and this year.
  • Specific actions to help you prioritize when working with more than one boss.
  • How to rid yourself of long-standing duties you and your position have outgrown.
  • Common barriers to effective management planning.

Managing Time — How to work with, not against, the clock.

  • How good time management boosts productivity, increases satisfaction and affords you more freedom.
  • Uncover common myths about time and time management.
  • Multi-tasking and focus: concentration is the key for better results.
  • Identify the most common time wasters.
  • “Where did the time go?” A simple, easy-to-use time log that answers the question precisely.
  • Drowning in paper? How to clear a sea of mail, publications and desk cloggers from your workspace.
  • Five highly effective telephone management tips to save time and prevent interruptions and distractions.
  • Are emails controlling your day? Master your inbox and email habits.
  • Make technology a time saver and not a time waster. Learn about the latest productivity tools.
  • Specific tactics to prevent the “meeting-go-round” from devouring your time.
  • How to hold truly meaningful meetings to prompt decisions, actions and responses.
  • Ways to prevent needless visits from coworkers and others that put a dent in your day’s productivity.
  • Proven steps you can take to overcome procrastinator in you.
  • Warning signs of danger-point procrastination.
  • How to solve even the most difficult problems with new speed and confidence.
  • Develop effective communication skills that save time.

Handling Unexpected, Difficult Situations — How to plan for the unexpected and manage the most difficult people and situations easily.

  • Setting boundaries: How to say “no” without creating hard feelings or feeling guilty.
  • Powerful rules for saying “no” that underscore your firmness and win respect.
  • Take three decisive steps to prevent others from imposing their priorities on you.
  • Real-life approaches to delegation that make everyone more productive.
  • Smart alternatives to delegation when you have no assistants or subordinates.
  • “It’s easier and faster to do it myself.” How to beat the number one attitude barrier to effective delegation
  • Techniques to handle the toughest, personalities – aggressive coworkers, negative attitudes, know-it-alls and more.
  • Ask for – and get – the information, resources and cooperation you need from your coworkers.
  • Cyber-management: ensure that virtual teams and remote workers are meeting deadlines and productivity targets.
  • How to solve even the most difficult problems with new speed and confidence.
  • Contingency planning for emergencies and crisis situations.

Dealing with Pressure and Stress — How to stay calm and in control, even in the face of chaos.

  • Are you headed for burnout? The seven specific symptoms that signal dangerous overstress.
  • Survey: are these 16 hidden stressors in your work environment?
  • How to determine your own current pressure level and take timely, immediate steps to reduce and manage stress.
  • Sensible guidelines for fostering a competitive, stimulating work atmosphere without excess pressure and stress.
  • Easy steps for day-to-day stress reduction.
  • Deadline approaching? Six relaxation techniques to calm you down ward regain focus immediately.
  • Use time management skills to achieve greater work-life balance.

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