How to Deliver Presentations with Ease and Confidence

Overcome your fear and nervousness and make powerful presentations!

1-Day Seminar


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CPE: 6  

You don't have to sit on the sidelines! Stand up and speak with confidence. How often have you admired and envied those who make presentations with such ease and confidence?

Do you find yourself wishing that you had the talent to motivate, persuade, and hold the attention of a group?

You can have it! Dynamic presenting and speaking abilities are not strictly for talented "naturals" — there are known, specific methods and strategies that you can learn and practice. This seminar will teach you the presentation skills and speaking techniques that will take you off the sidelines and have you standing up with confidence and skill!

Plus, this seminar presents you with special advantages not available in any other training course. The principle and practices taught are based on the experience of our top presenters and our 20+ years of actual practice and experience as the nation's best-known and admired seminar training company!

No matter how much you doubt your own speaking abilities, you will amaze yourself with these tips and techniques that will help you make effective presentations in any situation, from one-on-one discussions to speaking before large groups!

If you know how to talk, you can learn how to present and speak with power and confidence!

After just one day, you will greatly enhance and improve your effectiveness in every speaking situation — eliminating the anxiety, fear, embarrassment, and dread that you previously associated with giving talks, speeches, and presentations.

This seminar will give you an unparalleled opportunity to gain the experience and strategies of the experts. No matter how much you fear public speaking or doubt yourself or your abilities, this seminar — full of practical tips and techniques — can have you making comfortable, confident, and dynamic presentations and speeches.

You can survive and thrive in every speaking situation! This one-day seminar will teach you innovative tips, techniques, and strategies that empower you to stand up and speak with confidence and skill.

How to Deliver Presentations with Ease & Confidence Training

Overcome your fear and nervousness and make powerful presentations!

No matter how much you doubt your own speaking ability, you will be amazed at just how effectively these tips and techniques in this dynamic seminar will transform you into a successful presenter in any situation — from one-on-one dicussions to speeches in front of large groups. If you know how to talk, you can learn how to present and speak with power and confidence!

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  • Seven specific steps to eliminate stage fright — no matter how nervous or anxious you feel when speaking
  • Highly effective breathing and relaxation techniques
  • Three simple tips to combat "choking" and losing your train of thought


  • Rehearsal techniques that build confidence and guarantee a smooth delivery
  • How to anticipate questions and practice your responses before your presentation
  • What to do when you can't plan — indispensable advice for impromptu and unplanned talks
  • Solid tips to develop clear, interesting presentation titles that draw your listeners in
  • Seven key facts you must ascertain about your listeners at the planning stage


  • Three powerful presentation models that get you organized quickly with "fill-in-the-blanks" efficiency
  • Four functional formulas for flawless organization and how to choose exactly the right one for every situation
  • When and how to script, outline, or memorize your presentation


  • Unique openers that get attention — and lay the foundation for audience support and involvement
  • Simple adjustments in speed, volume, and pauses that make your voice one of your strongest speaking tools
  • The experts' secrets for dealing with virtually any kind of question

Visual Aids

  • When to use visual aids — and when not to
  • Eight critical do's and don'ts for charts, graphs, and tables
  • How visual aids can actually boost your confidence and help you stay organized and in control


  • Two key ingredients that motivate people to buy or accept your proposal
  • 12 of the most persuasive words in the English language — and how to use them effectively in a speech
  • The dynamic, five-step persuasion formula that sells, motivates, and moves your listeners

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