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Overcoming Sales Objections

Learn how to overcome common sales objections and turn that "no" into "yes."

Webinar - Digital Download - Recording from event on 05/12/2017
Item # OBJ00303DL

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Objections are part of every sales professional's job … but that doesn't make them any easier to deal with. Once you understand the underlying concerns that are behind most objections, it's much easier to turn them into positive sales decisions. In just one information-packed hour course, learn how to respond effectively to oppositions, overcome "barriers to buying" and head off potential objections at the source.

In today's tough economy, individuals and businesses alike are tightening their belts, slashing their budgets and putting off purchases until absolutely necessary. Now more than ever, savvy sales professionals need an arsenal of tools, techniques and strategies that will conquer objections, influence customer buying decision and successfully close the sale. The truth is, even though budgets are leaner and customers think harder about their purchases, they are still buying. The techniques you learn in this powerful audio conference will give an edge when it comes to being their salesperson of choice.

Spend just one hour with this workshop, and you'll immediately start to close more sales! Enroll today and gain insider tips, sales secrets from the pros and ways to overcome almost every objection you encounter.

You'll be amazed at how much we'll cover during class. From initial contact to closing, we'll reveal what today's top sales experts are doing right now to overcome objections, gain trust and confidence and persuade more clients to buy. You'll discover the differences between stalling for time and true objections, learn how to respond proactively when people raise doubts and learn specific tactics to persuade the customer to commit to the sale.

Don't wait to register for this exciting online training program! What you learn here will help you easily gain your customers' confidence, respond proactively to all types of objections, and most importantly, close more sales!

What You'll Learn

  • What objections really are and behavioral clues to help you interpret them
  • Why opposition arises, and how to make them part of the decision-making process
  • How to uncover a client's real concerns when it comes to objections
  • Why honesty is the best policy in sales
  • How to overcome your own negative, inner self-talk when responding to skepticism
  • Why you must be aware of confidence — coming on too strong can kill a sale
  • What the most common sales objections are and how to respond
  • How to predict when objections are imminent and diffuse them before they take hold
  • Great tips, tools and action steps for closing the sale

Who Will Benefit

Sales managers, sales supervisors, team leaders, account executives — any customer-facing salesperson will greatly benefit from this conference.

As always, your satisfaction is our #1 priority. If for any reason you're dissatisfied, we'll arrange for you to attend another seminar, choose a different product, or receive a full refund — hassle free!

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