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The Essentials of Wage & Hour Law
How to protect your organization, avoid violations and penalties, and remain in compliance with the FLSA.

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1-Day Seminar - US $199.00; For groups of 5 or more, 189.00

Navigating the finer points of wage and hour law can lead to a quagmire of misunderstanding, missed information, and misinterpretation of critical laws, regulations, and amendments. The FLSA's rules and regulations can frustrate and confuse even seasoned human resources and payroll professionals. 

Attend this information-packed, one-day seminar and get up to speed on the complex, constantly evolving Fair Labor Standards Act.  You'll learn ...  

* About FLSA coverage and exemptions
* How to maintain clear, accurate records that meet all FLSA requirements
* Critical information you must know if you deal with public sector employees and government contractors
* What circumstances could warrant an investigation by the Wage-Hour Division of the Department of Labor
* How to avoid penalties and lawsuits clear up the confusion and make sure your organization is in compliance with the latest FLSA revisions
* Procedures for resolving wage and hour payroll issues for exempt and non-exempt employees

Is your company at risk for violations or penalties?

Unfortunately, even minor mistakes or small misinterpretations of the FLSA's wage and hour laws can lead to major problems within an organization.  Penalties, litigation, and hefty fines have cost companies millions.

The Department of Labor is cracking down on organizations that are not in compliance with the FLSA.  New investigators have been added to the DOL's payroll, allowing greater access to businesses across the country who may not be fully in compliance.  The costs in multi-year back pay, interest, and lawsuits can be astronomical.

Seminar Overview

*  The latest on FLSA coverage and exemptions

    2 rules for determining whether your employees are covered by FLSA provisions 
    The individual employee coverage rules that apply to most workers
    Geographical areas outside the United States that are covered by the FLSA
    Procedures to follow when your employee is exempt from minimum wage and overtime requirements under federal law, but is non-exempt under state law
    How the "common sense" rule is applied if a business has been in operation for less than one full year

*  "Hours worked" for non-exempt employees and proper calculations of overtime 

How the term "hours worked" is defined under the FLSA
The rule that applies to overtime when an employee punches in a few minutes early or late
How to determine whether commuting time is considered time worked for an employee who is allowed to take a company vehicle home
Unauthorized work does it count as time worked?

*  How the FLSA applies to the public sector and government contractors

    Which type of public sector jobs are covered by the FLSA, and which are excluded 
    The conditions that allow people to volunteer for public service and not be treated as employees 
    Circumstances in which a public sector employer can use the special exemption in Section 7(k)
    Learn considerations of offering comp time in lieu of overtime
    How the FLSA treats "time trading" by public sector employees

* What you need to know about FLSA investigations and enforcement

    Penalties that can be assessed for acts prohibited under the FLSA
    Circumstances that would initiate an investigation by the Wage-Hour Division of the Department of Labor
    Wage-hour investigations  can they be postponed if the employer is in its busy season?
    The number of years in back wages that can be assessed for an FLSA violation
    The implications of agreeing to a Wage-Hour Division demand for an injunction
    Back wages assessed against an employer, and whether the amount is negotiable
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