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Stress Management for Women

Learn how to beat stress-caused tension, frustration, and fatigue, and change forever the way you manage your active, vigorous agenda!

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1-Day Seminar - US $39.00; For groups of 5 or more, 34.00

Have you noticed the women in your organization struggling with anxiety, fatigue, inability to relax, "outbursts" on an ongoing basis? If so, our Stress Management for Women seminar is for them!

Demanding lives will always have some stress, and that's okay. The right amount of stress can fuel energy levels, creativity, and productivity. What we all need to learn, however, is how to operate on our personal optimum stress level, while protecting ourselves from dangerous overstress. This powerful seminar shows you exactly how the women in your organization can do that to lower their stress levels and enjoy their successes.

By attending this dynamic and extremely practical one-day seminar, you will learn specific techniques to:
  • Attack stress at its source by learning the 7 major causes of stress and how to neutralize them
  • Defeat workplace stress! Hard-hitting tips to handle pressure, crisis, problem-solving, and decision-making with ease
  • Rebuild and renew your creativity, confidence, and enthusiasm
  • Protect your health and create a nutrition, exercise, and sleep routine that works
  • 3 powerful steps that help balance your many commitments
Who will benefit:

Any woman who needs help controlling the demands, pressures, and problems that other people place on her.

Key learning points:
  • 6 clever ideas to control and redirect anger in a positive, productive way
  • Recognize the 10 signs that indicate serious stress levels – before it's too late
  • The link between procrastination and stress: understand it and stop procrastinating once and for all
  • The disastrous "do-it-all" syndrome: a surefire way to know if you're acting like a victim and how to escape
  • Learn how to ensure others don't load their problems on you
  • Identify and correct 6 not-so-obvious stresses you face: sneaky "hidden" stressors you may not even be aware of
As a result of this training:

You will understand the specific stressors in your lives and the ways you can overcome them. You will have more positive energy and be able to direct it towards achieving success in both the workplace and at home, in every facet of your life.

Program Agenda

Stress: Where It Comes From, and How It Affects You
  • Learn the 5 most common causes of stress for working women, with realistic strategies for dealing with each
  • Combating "hidden" stressors: You may not even be aware of these common situations and activities that trigger stress and anxiety!
  • "Success Stress" – how to fight this damaging form of stress that strikes the most talented, high-achieving women
  • Do you demand too much from yourself? Learn innovative methods to manage 10 "self-induced" stress triggers
  • Are you "burning out"? Learn the stages and symptoms of chronic stress, with hard-hitting counter-attacks for each stage
Stress and Working Women: What Every Professional Woman Should Know
  • "Perfectionism" and "Super-Achievement" – how to pinpoint and eliminate these dangerous, high-stress personality tendencies
  • How to handle pressure and crisis without losing your cool
  • New stress-reducing people skills – learn how to eliminate the stress that others cause you
Stress "Recovery": Rebuilding Your Energy, Enthusiasm, and Confidence
  • Danger signs – 8 ways to tell if stress is seriously affecting your energy and performance
  • How to keep on balance through intense, high-pressure situations
  • Recapturing "lost" creativity – how to reduce the tensions and stresses that inhibit natural creative energies
  • Cool and confident – how to project the image (and really feel it, too!)
The Health-Stress Connection: How to Take Better Care of Yourself
  • Protecting your health – how to self-treat and overcome the physical symptoms of stress and burnout
  • Surprising diet and nutrition tips that make it easy to break free from the "fast food" rut
Controlling Stress: How to Maintain a Balanced Lifestyle
  • A super-effective stress-buster! Learn a 1-minute stress reduction technique you can do anywhere, whenever you need to
  • Stop gritting your teeth! 3 easy ways to conquer everyday hassles and tensions that add to your stress burden
  • Smart efficiency tips that ensure you'll give and get the maximum for your efforts
  • The Fatigue Cycle – regain your strength with real-life ways to overcome low energy and tiredness
Effective Practices That Allow You to Unwind and Renew Yourself (Even Working Wives and Mothers!)
  • Long-term and short-term stress: why it's critical to be able to tell the difference
  • The successful working women's stress-management secret: how to harness stress as an energy gainer, instead of an energy drainer
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To find out more about Stress Management for Women, contact our customer service department at or by phone at (800) 780-8476.

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