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How to Manage Multiple Projects, Meet Deadlines, & Achieve Objectives

How to Manage Multiple Projects, Meet Deadlines, & Achieve Objectives

Gain more control over your time, tasks, and priorities than you ever thought possible

Do you have trouble balancing priorities, lose track of deadlines, or simply have too much to do at once? This program will show you how to get things done, control stress, master your goals, and achieve your objectives. Learn how you can easily handle the most impossible priorities and demands without long workdays, stress-filled schedules, and panic that might have plagued you in the past. Discover the practical tools, tips, and ideas that can help you take complete control of your job — and never feel overwhelmed again!

You'll learn how to:
  • Identify habits that limit your effectiveness
  • Develop methods for handling big projects and long-range goals
  • Hold meaningful meetings that create decisions, actions, and responses
  • Deal with changing deadlines smoothly and easily
  • Take specific steps for beating procrastination
  • Manage conversation and interruptions
  • Delegate and prioritize under pressure

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Managing Multiple Priorities, Projects, and Deadlines

How to Get Things Done
How to Get Things Done



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