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Financial Fitness - A Personal Finance Book

Financial Fitness

Gain control of your personal finance book — no matter how much money you make!

You have the final responsibility for your own — and your family's — security, comfort and lifestyle. And whether you can afford the good things in life has nothing to do with luck. (In fact, playing the lottery or wishing for a windfall are good ways to miss the boat.)

There's a sure way to gain control of your personal finance book — no matter how much you make. This 3-hour program gives you a realistic, proven method for getting out of debt, setting your financial course and moving toward your goals.

Program Highlights
  • Gain a fresh perspective on budgeting, purchasing, saving and investing
  • Align your use of time and money with your true priorities — so they work for you
  • Clarify your dreams and goals — and link them to a plan so they materialize faster
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