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21 Ways To Defuse Anger And Calm People Down

21 Ways To Defuse Anger And Calm People Down

Learn peacekeeping skills you'll use to prevent blowups, mediate disputes, and foster teamwork

Disputes bring your workplace to a halt, and mishandled anger damages relationships and stifles teamwork. But the good news is, you can learn to manage other people's anger and turn it into a catalyst for positive change. With this program, you'll discover 21 specific anger-reducing techniques you can use with your coworkers, customers, employees, bosses, or anyone else who needs a cool head to calm them down.

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Program Highlights
  • The first thing to do when confronted by an angry coworker
  • How to keep yourself calm when provoked by an angry person
  • Ways to help coworkers sidestep emotions and concentrate on solutions
  • One thing you should always do before jumping into the middle of a conflict
  • Precise language to use in the heat of outbursts, hostility, and personal attacks

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