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Crisp Books - Budgeting Series

The Crisp Books — Budgeting Series

The ins and outs of finance need no longer be mysteries or obstacles to your success. Even non-financial managers will understand everything they need to know with these complete and simple guides.

Series includes:

The Accounting Cycle — Learn the 11 key steps in the Accounting Cycle. Understand the difference between cash and accrual accounting. Find out about the key elements of journals and entries. Develop a feel for the movement of data through your system.

The Basics of Budgeting — Build a strategic budgeting plan for your organization. Learn how to do the five-minute budget. Understand the methods for researching sales history. Discover the four-step approach to conducting budget reviews.

Financial Analysis — Face competition with confidence. Understand and use the language of financial statements. Apply ratios, percentages and formulas to make more solid financial decisions. Determine the worth of capital investments and gains.

Understanding Financial Statements — Learn how to evaluate the role of finance in your business. Find out where to obtain data that is meaningful. Understand what basic financial terms mean. Use financial information properly in working with others.

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Finance and Accounting for Non-Financial People

Budgeting & Finance Templates
Budgeting & Finance Templates



4 book set: Basics of Budgeting, Understanding Financial Statements, Financial Analysis, and The Accounting Cycle. Books # PRY30BG  US $55.00Buy Now

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