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How Do You Lead? Team Leadership Assessment

Successful teams generally have a successful leader–either out front or behind the scenes–guiding the way.  If you lead a team, here’s a quick assessment to reflect on how you are doing: Strengths – What strengths do you have in leading the team? How are these strengths reflected in the team’s…
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Temporary Teams Are Typically Required When Solving One Problem

When talking about team building, much attention is given to long-term teams instead of temporary teams. Long-term teams are typically required when they fulfill the main functions of your organization, such as sales teams, health and safety teams, employee motivation teams, etc. Such teams are consistent fixtures within your organization.…
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Five Social Activities for Connecting Virtual Teams

Every team needs a break!  Over time, people have grown comfortable with increased remote and virtual work–adjusting business practices and interactions to complete work at a distance.  It is also worth taking some time to build in some team level breaks and opportunities for social connection.  Here are five great…
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