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Organizations implement many practices to protect their workers, but the best motivators for staying safe come from workers themselves. People respond differently to different messages, so having a diverse set of slogans and tips on safety posters across the organization can maximize your impact.

Here are eight sources of motivation, with safety slogans and tips that go with each. Each can be tailored for your workplace and needs — the goal is to use a mix of messages to appeal to different personalities across the organization.

For people motivated by….

  1. Achieving goals: “Safety Supports Success: Accident-Free Achieves Goals”
  2. Having fun: “Music at Work? Rock On, But Keep It Down!”
  3. Following the rules: “Accidents Ache: Safety Rules Rule”
  4. Innovation: “Have a Safety Suggestion? Speak Up and Share!”
  5. Personal success: “Show Your Smarts: Don’t Play with Power”
  6. Teaching others: “One Word Can Save a Life: Speak Up for Safety”
  7. Caring for self: “We Care About You: Safety is Better than Speed”
  8. Caring for others: “Coworkers Care: If You See Something, Say Something”

Engaging employees in building a safety culture is a great way to help it take hold. For example, you can hold safety slogan contests in your own organization, using the motivational framework above. Another fun context is to use the Occupational Safety and Health Act “OSHA” acronym as a platform for creative safety slogans. Here are three examples:

  • OSHA: “Owning our Safety – Here and Always”
  • OSHA: “Only Safe Habits: Always”
  • OSHA: “OUR OPPONENTS: Sound, Heat, Accidents”

Collaboratively developing slogans communicates their importance in workplace operations. It’s also important to reward safety success, particularly in physically demanding environments. Never take safety for granted: celebrating safe days will encourage staff to practice safety every day.

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