Get Faster: 4 Tips for Arranging Excel Data

Applies to Excel 2010-2016

Adjusting how rows and columns of data are displayed can quickly become a nuisance. Every extra click you perform to make your spreadsheet readable is time spent away from more important tasks. Here are four tips for making common spreadsheet tasks simpler and faster:

  1. Add More Than One Row or Column

Instead of selecting a row and using the Insert option on the right-click menu multiple times, simply select the number of rows you need to add, then use the Insert option, once.

Arranging Excel Data 01 Arranging Excel Data 02
Excel will add the same number of blank rows. Add columns in the same way.

  1. Move and Copy Data With Drag and Drop

Select the row, column or data range you want to move, then hover over the border until your cursor changes to a +. Drag the data to the new location in the spreadsheet.

Arranging Excel Data 03

Arranging Excel Data 04

Hold the CTRL button before you drag to COPY the data into the new location.

Arranging Excel Data 05

  1. Adjust All Rows or Columns at the Same Time

Instead of clicking and dragging on the boundary of each column to adjust it, use the Select All button to quickly select the entire sheet. Then you can:

  • Double-click any column border to adjust all columns to automatically fit the entered content
  • Click and drag any column border to set all columns to the same width

Adjust Row Heights in the same way.

Arranging Excel Data 06

  1. Double-click

 Several of Excel’s features are quickly accessible with a double-click which reduces right-clicking and poking through menu options:

  1. Rename a sheet by double-clicking directly on the sheet tab.
  2. Double-click on Format Painter so you can apply the copied format multiple times.
  3. Double-click on the upper-left corner of a workbook to close it without navigating to the File tab.
  4. Similarly, you can double-click on the title bar to maximize your workbook window. Double-click again to return to default size.
  5. Double-click on any cell to type directly in the cell instead of the formula bar.

What shortcuts do you use when adjusting your spreadsheets?