Excel Chart Options: Adding Titles

Charts provide an easy-to-assemble but clear and persuasive illustration of your data. Excel offers a variety of charts in both two-dimensional and three-dimensional formats. Default features, however, may not provide the look and include all of the data you wish to be displayed. One common functional need of a chart is a chart title.

    1. Once you have your raw data in an Excel chart, select the Chart Area. Chart Tools contextual tabs (Design, Layout and Format) appear above the ribbon and allow you to alter your chart options. Fred Pryor Seminars_Add_Title_to_Excel_Chart_figure1
    2. Option 1: Under the Design tab, in the Chart Layouts group you can choose from several layouts that create a chart title. Once you have selected the desired default, you can alter the Chart Title textbox. Fred Pryor Seminars_Add_Title_to_Excel_Chart_figure2

  1. Option 2: If you are interested in customizing the location and alignment of your Chart Title, choose the Layout tab.
  2. In the Labels group, choose the Chart Title button to add, remove or position the chart title. Three options become available.
    • None – No chart title is displayed.
    • Centered Overlay Title – The Chart Title appears on the chart without distorting or resizing the chart you have created.
    • Above Chart – Resizes the chart you have created and displays the title at the top of the Chart Area. Fred Pryor Seminars_Add_Title_to_Excel_Chart_figure3
  3. If you are interested in more title and alignment options, choose More Title Options.
  4. The Format Chart Title dialog box appears. Select the Alignment tab. Fred Pryor Seminars_Add_Title_to_Excel_Chart_figure4
  5. Under Alignment you can change the vertical alignment, angle and text direction to better customize your chart. Play around with the chart features to get many looks.

Fred Pryor Seminars_Add_Title_to_Excel_Chart_figure5      Fred Pryor Seminars_Add_Title_to_Excel_Chart_figure6