Don’t Leave Workplace Safety to Chance!

Tips to identify and eliminate security gaps in the front desk area:

Q. How can I keep our reception area welcoming and continue to limit security concerns?

A. The front desk is the first line of defense for your company, but it is also must be arranged so it is welcoming to visitors. Here are a few tips for maximizing safety without deterring you from greeting your guests.

Tip #1 Limit the waiting area’s seating
By limiting the waiting area to two or fewer seats you limit traffic and cut down on confusion and clutter. This allows the front desk employee to be more attentive.

Tip #2 Visibility is key
Organizing the desk area as a focal point, clearing any large plants or objects that block the desk view area and expanding the line of vision will create better visibility. Better visibility increases the chance for your front desk personnel to notice something amiss or address a concern before it escalates.

Tip #3 Choose the right equipment for you
Determine if a high-counter or flat desk is most suitable. A high-counter creates a barrier between the front desk employee that interacts with outside customers, vendors, and frequent visitors without additional security equipment like monitors and security devices. A flat desk is more open for a front desk with less public interaction. This is additionally suitable if your organization employs limited, secure access and security monitors.

Remember: Arranging the front desk area defensively is critical to the safety of the entire organization. With the right equipment and setup, you can maximize safety and remain welcoming to your visitors.

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