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A Quick Guide to Excel Shortcuts

Integrating keyboard shortcuts into your daily routine saves you time and energy. We love finding new ways to avoid the mouse. For instance, you can edit a cell using the F2 key. Highlight the cell you want to edit. Then, press F2 and the cursor appears at the end of the text. You can also use a combination of Shift, Ctrl, and Arrow keys to find your place in a document or highlight multiple cells.

  • Ctrl+Shift+Arrow jumps from the active cell to the last entry in a column or row, highlighting all cells between the two points.
  • Ctrl+Home takes you back to cell A1; Ctrl+Down Arrow takes you to the last nonblank cell.
  • Not sure where you typed “sequence”? Use Ctrl+F to open the Find and Replace window to correct your misspelled entry.
  • Simplify your data entry by hiding irrelevant information while you are working. Ctrl+9 hides the selected rows and Ctrl+0 hides the selected columns.

No matter the shortcut you find useful, write it down and place it in your view at your desktop. Practice makes perfect!


Courses in Customer Service, Excel, HR, Leadership, OSHA and more. No credit card. No commitment. Individuals and teams.

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Courses in Customer Service, Excel, HR, Leadership, OSHA and more. No credit card. No commitment. Individuals and teams.



  • Mechele says:

    The instructor I had was wonderful (Jerry).
    I learned a lot and it was enjoyable!

    Thank you,

  • Maria says:

    Dave was awesome. He made the seminar enjoyable and very clear.

    Thank you Dave!


  • Annie Dhaenens says:

    Manny was fantastic!!He really made the class fun to be in all day. He had great tips and loved how he had a sense of humor throughout his teachings. I wish I had known about the more extensive excel class he was holding the next day, I would have love to attend it.

  • Patricia says:

    Mr. Lifestyle was awesome! I had a fun time learning all the new tricks! Thank you!

  • Dawm says:

    Jerry Poe was a wonderful instructor. Learned a lot and still learning from the information received.

  • Carri says:

    My instructor, Jerry Poe was awesome. Very informative and relatable, and he kept the class interested and awake. I learned a lot! I wish that I could’ve taken day 2, but I plan to in the future!

  • J.R. says:

    Jerry Poe is a great asset to the Fred Pryor seminar group. It was a very enlightening seminar. We plan to send others to future seminars.

  • Theresa says:

    Adding another great name to the mix of awesome instructors – Scott Foust. I’ve never laughed so much during a training session. Learned a lot and look forward to future seminars!!

  • Lenora says:

    Scott Foust was awesome, very entertaining as well as a great teacher. He made us laugh and made the seminar very interesting and I learned a lot.Thank you!

  • Dottie says:

    Scott Foust lead the training in an easy to understand format. I laughed and not ever bored. I have a some other coworkers who will attend this training in May. I hope they will have the same experience.

  • Alicia S Jimenez says:

    Scott Foust the best. I loved the seminar. He had total control of time and made us learn a lot. Awesome!!!

  • Jennifer says:

    Great Class! Learned so much. And the instructor was Great!

  • Karen Berger says:

    Scott Foust was an awesome instructor. I’ve been using Excel for 15 years and still learned a LOT!!!

  • Chad North says:

    Great classes I took both Excel seminars and they were awesome. Our teacher (Steve) inside joke really Scott Foust was awesome and very entertaining as well as very informative. The class moved at a great pace. I would recommend this class to everyone who wants to learn Excel.

  • Linda Say says:

    Bob was a wonderful instructor. Kept the class moving at a good pace. I took both courses and learned a LOT!!

  • Jackie says:

    Dave was energetic and all-around fantastic as an instructor. He integrated fun bursts of techniques throughout the day that are backed by learning theory to keep his class engaged and poised to learn. The tips and insights he provided will benefit my work process immediately and for years to come. In fact, I have already impressed my boss multiple times with the knowledge I now have. Dave’s delivery of the material was humorous yet professional and effective. I am beyond thankful to have attended these seminars; what a valuable experience!

  • Bunnard Rose says:

    My Seminar was on February 14, 2019. Dave my instructor was amazing with is: delivery, energy, knowledge of materials, years of experience. But I was most impressed by how he uses his daily private life story and on the job his experiences to bring all of it together wonderful.

  • Monica Knapp says:

    Orrin was *awesome*. He actually made learning Excel enjoyable and fun (and punny). I learned a lot and hope I retain at least most of it and I will be so much more efficient and I’ll impress the heck out of my boss!

  • Sherry L. Sweat says:

    Mr. Rudolph made it interesting ( as possible) to learn information about excel I knew nothing about & some quick tips.