Tips for Planning a Glitch-Free Project

When you are in charge of any type of project, proper planning contributes to a glitch-free project during the process.

Set Realistic Goals
Set realistic goals that keep you on schedule and ensure everyone involved stays on task.
Factors in setting realistic goals:

  • Identify major project phases and break them into smaller, more manageable milestones.
  • Build in “flex” time to compensate for unknowns and potential issues.
  • Put deadlines in writing and distribute to all involved.

Involve Others in the Process
When you involve others in the planning process, you gain many benefits.
Benefits when involving others:

  • Identify efficiencies and potential issues by tapping into others’ experience and knowledge.
  • Gain commitment from other team members when setting deadlines.
  • Hold individuals accountable for completing their part of the project.

Provide Regular Progress Reviews
Regular progress reviews are the best way to avoid surprise obstacles in your project.
Tips for providing regular reviews:

  • Add a weekly project review to track your own progress.
  • Schedule regular reviews with project team to discuss updates and challenges.
  • Schedule a post-project review to evaluate the process and celebrate completion.

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