Take Control of Your Time to Manage More in Less Time

Looking for ways to better manage your time and accomplish a lot in a small amount of time?

Stop Watching the Clock
Instead of focusing on time, set a specific goal or milestone to complete with a specific deadline. For example, decide you will complete the brainstorming phase before you leave today. Then, go to work with that goal in mind.

Schedule Short Breaks
Short breaks may seem counterproductive; however, short breaks recharge and re-energize you. Set an alarm to break every 45 minutes. During the break take a quick walk or pour yourself a cup of coffee. Give your mind a break and you will find yourself more productive when you return to the task.

Delegate Tasks at the Beginning
Early on, determine what you can delegate to others. Delegating tasks up front allows you to involve others in the project and frees you up to provide support in phases that require critical decision making or when emergencies arise.

Assign Yourself Homework
Occasionally you may find yourself taking some of the work home. However, just as scheduling short breaks during the day helps you recharge, spending quality time away from work also helps recharge and re-energize. In those instances when you HAVE to take work home, schedule a dedicated amount of time for that evening. Completing that task at home can make the following day start more smoothly.