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Dealing with Your Desk: Harnessing Your Habits

Dealing with Your Desk: Harnessing Your Habits thumbnail

Organizing your desk is a deeply personal activity. How you interact with your work office reflects how you interact with the world around you, so understanding those interactions can help you make meaningful changes to increase productivity. Are you someone who prefers to engage with the electronic world to communicate, schedule and store?  Or, do…
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Choosing Creativity: A Problem-Solving Exercise

Choosing Creativity: A Problem-Solving Exercise thumbnail

Some people are naturally creative. New ideas and innovative approaches come with ease, and they thrive on generating new possibilities or troubleshooting ideas.  Of course, creative ideas are just that – ideas – and leveraging that creativity for problem-solving can be challenging. For others, creativity does not flow as easily, and professional training and structured…
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Corporate Team-Building Activities

Corporate Team-Building Activities thumbnail

The best team-building exercises have a goal or purpose— one goal may be to provide a shared structured experience that allows team members to get to know each other better. Here are some ideas for team-building exercises that tend to achieve better team camaraderie. While this may take some planning, a shared volunteer experience supports…
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Team-Building Activity: Playing the Cards

Team-Building Activity:  Playing the Cards thumbnail

Here’s a team-building activity for adults that is fun and generates valuable information at the team level.  It works for teams of 6 to 60+ and requires only a stack of index cards (at least 3 cards per person) and pens or markers. First, create small groups of 2 to 6 people, depending on group…
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