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Best Practices for Employee Recognition

While you can’t praise too often, you can praise badly. This is the premise of a recent white paper titled, “The Manager’s Field Guide to Recognition”[1]. For some managers, employee recognition comes naturally. For others – perhaps even most – creating a system for effective feedback can seem time-consuming and uncomfortable. Understanding best practices of…
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Implementing an Employee Recognition Committee

The benefits of a happy workforce are compelling: improved retention, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism. A survey by the employee recognition consulting company, Globoforce®, indicates that happy employees are 85% more efficient and 10 times less likely to take sick leave. Globoforce also discovered that peer recognition is a powerful motivator with employees 107% more likely…
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Low Cost Activities to Recognize Employees

When you manage employees you may find yourself using words like “Employee Engagement” and “Company Culture”. Employee Recognition Programs may be on your radar as an effective tool for impacting both engagement and employee satisfaction. A survey published by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and Globoforce®[1], suggests that praise alone is not nearly…
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Informal Leadership: Leaders from Unconventional Places

Who are the most important leaders in your organization? Make a list of the top five to ten. Chances are good that your list consists exclusively of team leads, supervisors, managers and executives. Unfortunately, this means you’re forgetting some of the most important and influential figures your company depends on every day.

Leadership Principles: Culture Shock 2015

Between November and February, pop culture pundits across the country tell us what trends to expect in the coming year in everything from clothing to language. Business is not exempt from these predictions, and articles abound that intend to tell you what to expect from various corporate topics in 2015 – including leadership principles. Leadership,…
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Motivating and Inspiring Employees

Working on a project and everyone is burnt out? Get them excited again with these tips. Employees are a vital component to company success. While other factors influence organizational gains, your workforce is a sustainable entity that maximizes productivity and progress.  Create an ideal atmosphere to improve employee engagement and foster this unique edge!

Building an Effective Team – Choosing the best candidates to get the job done.

As a company leader, your time is as valuable as it is limited. You depend on your teams to take care of day to day business and make effective decisions in line with your organization’s purpose and best interest. The key is an autonomous, powerful team that works effectively without you available every minute. Each…
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