Adobe® Photoshop® Project Management

One of the most commonly used computer software for creative professionals is Adobe® Photoshop®. Below are a few tips and organizational strategies to help those using Adobe Photoshop to stay organized, improve project turn around and enhance accuracy.

Project Planning: When taking on a project, remain aware of its distinct phases and note any time constraints either inside or outside of Photoshop. Set the project up for success by creating a project plan:

  • Work with a specific goal in mind.
  • Determine if the Photoshop project is for print, web or both.
  • Set a timeline, then prioritize tasks to accomplish each goal.
  • Effectively distribute resources.

Teamwork: Are you in charge of producing the artwork, providing copy and communicating with the client, or are you managing the project? Duplication of efforts can derail even the most well-planned projects. Understand each person’s role to streamline efficiency within the application. Here are a few strategies for organizing a team in Photoshop:

  • Adobe® Creative Cloud® is an excellent tool that helps creative professionals clearly communicate with teams and clients. Upload files, fonts and manage a variety of assets – all while storing them in one convenient location that all team members can access.
  • Group layers together into folders, making each element easier to find. Also, simple and descriptive folder names save time.
  • Utilize grids to help maintain document structure and functionality.
  • Designate folder colors in the layers panel for increased functionality. For example, make buttons and navigation elements red and make text layers blue. This will decrease the time it takes to find each element.

Communicate more Effectively with Clients: Whether the client is internal or external, evaluate their end goals and the purpose of the project. Be certain to keep these topics in mind when communicating with clients:

  • Be overprepared.
  • During meetings, listen to client and team needs, keep accurate notes and ask questions.
  • Meet client requirements faster by sending a follow-up after each meeting.
  • Decrease redesign time within Photoshop by creating multiple concepts for the client to view.
  • If working in teams, elect one person to communicate directly with the client.

While completing projects with Adobe Photoshop, following these organization tips will ensure creative professionals stay organized and accurate when communicating with clients and teammates.