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The PRYOR Learning Brief – October Recap

The PRYOR Learning Brief – October Recap thumbnail

Is virtual reality the future of training? Can you see the ROI of your training efforts? These questions, among others, are discussed in the following articles.


Where Companies Go Wrong with Learning and Development –

5 Reasons Why VR Is the Future of Corporate Training –

More States Now Mandate Employee Training to Prevent Sexual Harassment –

How the Corporate Learning Management System Contributes to ROI –

Individual Learning Pathways: Why the Future Is Learner-Centered –

Designing (Simple) Learning Experiences That Immerse and Adapt –

Uncover Training ROI with Free Data Analysis Tool: Power BI –


Upcoming Learning Conferences

World Conference on E-Learning (November 4-7) – Las Vegas, NV

ICE by Igloo (November 4-5) – Las Vegas, NV

Core4 (November 5-6) – Miami, FL

Training Magazine’s Innovations in Training  (November 7-9) – Dublin, Ireland

eLN Connect 2019 (November 20) – London

OEB Conference (November 27-29) – Berlin

MASIE: Curation & Learning Lab (December 4-6) – Saratoga Springs, NY

Learning Forward (December 7-11) St Louis, MO –

Work Rebooted (January 29-31) – San Francisco, CA

Future of Education Technology Conference (January 14-17) – Miami, FL

The Training, Learning & Development Conference 2019 (January 28-29) Phoenix, AZ –

ICELDL 2019 : International Conference on E-Learning and Distance Learning (January 30-31) – New York, New York

LEARNTEC (January 28-30) – Rheinstetten, Germany

Excellence Conference (February 4-6) – West Palm Beach, FL

Learning Technologies France (February 5-6) – Paris, France

ATD TechKnowledge (February 5-7) – San Jose, CA

ITC eLearning Conference (February 9-12) – Charleston, SC

Workplace Summit (February 11) – San Jose, CA

Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) (February 11-13) – Columbus, OH

Future of Work (February 12-14) – W Fort Lauderdale, FL

Singapore UX Conference (February 17-22) – Singapore

National Speakers Association Winter Conference (February 28-March 1) – Houston, TX

Training 2020 Conference & Expo 9 (February 21-23) – Orlando, FL

Learning Podcasts

The Learning & Development Podcast –

Learning Uncut –

Learning is the New Working –

The eLearning Coach Podcast –

Good Practice Podcast –

The Future of Learning Podcast –

Kineo’s Stream of Thought –

Learning Now Radio –

Learning at Large –

Trainer Tools –

HR Happy Hour –

Training Journal Podcast –

The 3 Good Podcast –

Emotion At Work –

MindChimp –

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