The Pryor Learning Brief – November Recap

From must-have KPIs to retaining generation Z employees, this month’s article recap will keep you in the know when it comes to corporate training.

How Activity-Based Learning Can Change Corporate Education:

7 Must-Have KPIs To Measure Training Effectiveness For Learning Analytics:

Individual learning pathways: why the future is learner-centered:

Employee Engagement: How to Attract and Retain Generation Z:

Challenges And Benefits Of Delivering Content On Smaller Screens:

How Blockchain Can Benefit eLearning Industry:

Upcoming Learning Conferences

MASIE: Curation & Learning Lab (December 4-6) – Saratoga Springs, NY

Learning Forward (December 7-11) St Louis, MO –

Work Rebooted (January 29-31) – San Francisco, CA

Future of Education Technology Conference (January 14-17) – Miami, FL

The Training, Learning & Development Conference 2019 (January 28-29) Phoenix, AZ –

LEARNTEC (January 28-30) – Rheinstetten, Germany

Leap HR Retail (February 3-5) – Austin, TX

Excellence Conference (February 4-6) – West Palm Beach, FL

Learning Technologies France (February 5-6) – Paris, France

ITC eLearning Conference (February 9-12) – Charleston, SC

Workplace Summit (February 11) – San Jose, CA

Ohio Educational Technology Conference (OETC) (February 11-13) – Columbus, OH

Future of Work (February 12-14) – W Fort Lauderdale, FL

Singapore UX Conference (February 17-22) – Singapore

National Speakers Association Winter Conference (February 28-March 1) – Houston, TX

2020 People Analytics & Workforce Planning Conference (March 23-27) – Aventura, FL

ATD New England Area Conference (March 26-27) – Boston, MA

Learning Podcasts

The Learning & Development Podcast –

Learning Uncut –

Learning is the New Working –

The eLearning Coach Podcast –

Good Practice Podcast –

Kineo’s Stream of Thought –

Learning Now Radio –

Learning at Large –

Trainer Tools –

HR Happy Hour –

The 3 Good Podcast –

Emotion At Work –

MindChimp –