Quiz: Is it Sexual Harassment?

Test your knowledge about which behaviors warrant investigation by HR—and possibly the EEOC.

Sexual harassment is making the news a lot these days, but most of the complaints that HR hears about day-to-day aren’t quite as clear-cut—or egregious—as the reports against former Fox CEO Roger Ailes, Kevin Spacey and Charlie Rose.

The classic example of harassment, which is what Ailes allegedly engaged in, involves a supervisor tying an employee’s advancement opportunities to requests for sex. While such “quid pro quo” cases make the most headlines, they are far less common than so-called “hostile environment” harassment, wherein an employee is made to feel uncomfortable by the discriminatory behavior of another co-worker, client or customer.

How well do you understand which behaviors warrant your attention? We developed a brief quiz in collaboration with SHRM’s HR Knowledge Center Advisor Nora Harsha, who fields phone calls daily from HR professionals looking for answers on this and other important workplace issues.