Pitfall-Proof Your Sales Strategies

Simply said: sales are tough business. One mistake can cost you a commission, a customer and tarnish the company image. Errors cannot be completely avoided, but a self-aware sales team can minimize the impact by preventing as many as possible and dealing with the rest. Follow these tips to avoid preventable blunders:

  1. Maintain perspective. Professionals know their attitudes determine their results. A winning attitude alters your approach and improves your confidence. Too often, sales representatives look at their results without considering their attitude and how it influenced outcomes. Adjust your attitude and watch sales improve – an easy, low-risk fix!
  2. Be a positive thinker. Choose a positive mentor who can focus on the great things that can happen, rather than anything negative. Identifying mistakes, room for improvement and corrections is important but so is learning from success. Remain open and flexible when you speak with your team, your leads and yourself. Monitor your words to demonstrate a solution-based, forward-thinking perspective. A commitment to a successful future means you are not planning for failure or undermining any potential that could be coming your way.
  3. Qualify prospects. Your time is valuable and a resource you can’t waste. Don’t spend too much time with the wrong prospect. Establish need, want or desire. Determine time frame and authority. If the probability to buy is low, then move on gracefully.

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