Motivating and Inspiring Employees

Working on a project and everyone is burnt out? Get them excited again with these tips.

Employees are a vital component to company success. While other factors influence organizational gains, your workforce is a sustainable entity that maximizes productivity and progress.  Create an ideal atmosphere to improve employee engagement and foster this unique edge!

So how can leaders inspire creativity, productivity, and loyalty in their people? We’ve included 4 tips to drive engagement and get the most out of your richest resource!

Tip #1. Treat your employees like your customers

Engaged employees are employees that feel respected by management and company leaders. Efforts to earn loyalty, be it from customers or employees, depend on treating people with respect.

  • Make engagement a top priority for managers. The supervisor-employee relationship strongly influences an employee’s perceived value to the company. Ask those who closely interact with employees to see if they are engaged. Instill a message of approachability among employees in relation to their immediate supervisor.
  • Get feedback and essential input.  Too many leaders fail to capitalize on employee insights. Instead of an annual employee survey, implement regular questionnaires. Limit the number of questions in order to yield the most beneficial data. The information provided by those who experience your company from top to bottom can generate a wealth of usable opinion and highlight areas for improvement.

Tip #2. Get employees involved in your community outreach

Individuals have different motivations. What inspires one employee may not register with another. Your company mission is another opportunity to reach out. Individuals working with purpose tend to be more engaged. If your organization lists community outreach and charity among its values, then get your employees involved. Studies indicate that employees actively seek ways to give back to their communities. Establish a formal volunteer program or partner with a community service organization. Employees have more loyalty and respect for organizations that reflect their personal values or display care for employee interests.

Tip #3. Become your own case study

Examine what keeps your engaged employees interested and work to replicate those successes. You can’t force enthusiasm or passion, but you can promote your strengths.

  • Help engaged workers share best practices, exchange stories, and model enthusiasm to spread engagement. Pair engaged mentors with less enthused employees to encourage grassroots engagement. Make your passionate employees ambassadors for change and motivation!
  • Do you have an established training and development program? Invest time in your employees to gather skills and enhance knowledge. Employees view such an investment as value and respect. Plus, you now have an even more skilled and efficient employee!

Tip# 4. Show, don’t tell!

Finally, the best advice I can give is to lead by example. Display your investment in the company and pride for working toward the company’s purpose. Showcase your dedication and belief in the same mission and organizational goals that your employees are subject to. Express a positive attitude with your direct reports and watch the ripple effect spread throughout your workforce!