Employee Retention: 3 Make or Break Factors (Video)

In this video blog, Lisa Smith discusses some employee retention strategies.


Do you sometimes struggle with recruitment and retention issues in your organization? Well, if you do, I have a survey that you’ll enjoy. Recently, the Society for Human Resource Management surveyed a variety of workers across the United States and came up with the top 10 make or break factors regarding a position that they stay in or that they choose to leave. In this video, we’re going to talk about the top three.

Factor number three was the benefits package– yes, not even the salary, but the benefits package. This should be good news to employers, because sometimes when we think of benefits, we think of a lot of money coming out of our pockets. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

There are benefits out there that employees highly value that really don’t cost the employer a lot. So look into them. Crunch the numbers, and see what you can do to increase your package.

Number two was can I trust my employer– yes, the level of trust between employer and employee? So what can we do about that? Well, obviously, we can always be honest with our workers. No matter how difficult the conversation, we need to sit down, and we need to have it.

We don’t want to set the bar for passive-aggressiveness in the company. Because if we do that, that’s all we can expect from anyone else. And then, yes, we lose trust.

And the number one factor? Respect. Do I feel respected and appreciated in this organization? That’s a big concern for employees across the country. So ask yourself, what do I personally contribute to the upbuilding, encouragement, respect, and integrity of every worker I come into contact with? Sometimes it’s as simple as a smile and a nod, and other times, it may be employee of the month or a bonus plan.

But whatever it is, is there a level of respect? Do we manage by acception, which means we accept, and we work with, and we mold, and we choose to see the good? Or do we manage by exception, where we take exception to everything. Nothing is ever good enough. Two good questions to really ask, because if we manage by acception– a word I made up, by the way– then our employees will be more likely to get that we respect them and we value them.

And in the end, that’s what helps us retain and ultimately, also benefits our recruitment efforts. Well, there are your top three Until next time, I’m Lisa Smith. Remember, you can’t be audit-proof, so be audit-secure.


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