DOL Penalized for Overtime Violations (Video)

Lisa Smith discusses the Department of Labor being penalized for overtime violations in the video below.


Wage and hour issues are a serious subject with the Department of Labor. No employer wants to be in a position to pay heavy fines and penalties because they violated overtime laws or possibly didn’t classify an employee properly.

But guess what. Employers aren’t the only folks out there that have to be concerned about upkeeping their wage and hour policies and procedures. The DOL themselves were recently required to settle with about 3,000 of their employees. Yes, it cost them $7 million dollars.

So what did they do wrong? They did not pay properly off-the-clock work. They did not pay properly lunch breaks. And when all of this came to the attention of the actual workers, complaints were filed. And before you know it, the DOL owes their employees a bunch of back wages. Yes, $7 million, that’s no joke.

So the good news is the Department of Labor is going to hold everyone equally accountable. The bad news? The Department of Labor is doing outreach efforts to reach your employees and educate them on the things that possibly you are doing wrong.

So what’s an employer to do? Well do what the DOL failed to do in this circumstance. Have good clear communication with all managers and supervisors. Make sure wage and hour laws are always updated and that everyone is fully trained.

Until next time, I’m Lisa Smith. Remember, nobody is audit proof, but you can be audit secure.


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