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The First Rule of Appraisals: No Surprises

The First Rule of Appraisals: No Surprises thumbnail

Samantha and James ran into each other in the break room and began discussing their upcoming employee review.  James is feeling a great deal of stress because he has a lot of uncertainties.  Samantha is looking forward to meeting with her supervisor and getting a chance to discuss her future with the company.  Samantha feels…
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External Leadership for Teams

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When we talk about teamwork, we often focus on internal dynamics: goal setting, communication, leadership and process. It is equally important, however, to build team skills in political savvy and external awareness. These skills help the team scan their environment for new information, and prepare key stakeholders for future steps associated with the team’s work….
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How Can You Manage Your Time Better?

How Can You Manage Your Time Better? thumbnail

One of the best approaches to time management is to acknowledge that no one can do everything. Yet, many time management trainers still focus on schedules and productivity instead of prioritization, energy and coping with distractions. The truth is that time is limited and you are a finite resource. The effort to “keep up” can…
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