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The Importance of Writing Down Goals

If you have spent any time in corporate life you are probably familiar with the concepts of goal setting, S.M.A.R.T. goals and so on. While you may know that those who engage in a deliberate process of identifying and setting goals are more successful overall than those who don’t, you may not know is that…
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Strategic Thinking Training, Generate Highly Effective Managers

Companies that have traditionally rewarded employees for productivity understand that there might be another factor that makes management more effective: Strategic thinking. In fact, the Management Research Group (MRG), an assessment design consulting company, found that a strategic approach to leadership is 10 times more important to the perception of effectiveness than other skills. Even…
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Become A Strategic Thinker with Creative Thinking Games

Become A Strategic Thinker with Creative Thinking Games You’ve been told you need to become a more strategic manager. Or, maybe you’ve heard that strategic thinking will help your career. But, can someone really learn to be more “strategic”? Like any skill, strategic leadership can be learned and honed through training and – most importantly…
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