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Shaping Change by Managing Feelings

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A wonderful coach recently noted, “People don’t avoid change. They avoid pain.” She went on to stress that change management tools must consider change management behaviors— which are driven by underlying feelings and emotions. How does change cause pain?  When an employee or organization is asked to change, it can threaten deeply seated needs, such…
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Planning Your Mentoring Sessions: A Mentoring Program Outline

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There are many ways to structure a mentoring relationship.  Some mentees benefit from a free-flowing exchange. The mentee may just need someone to talk to, or they may want to hear stories from you that offer insights for their own development.  Other mentees have expectations that demand more structure.  Mentor characteristics and qualities also play…
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Motivational States: Understand and Shape Employee Motivation

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It’s hard to measure employee motivation in the workplace. Different people are motivated by different things at different times.  Given this changeability, how do we create a motivational strategy that will benefit the entire organization? A psychological tool called Reversal Theory can help. This theory provides a list of eight motivational states that managers can…
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Seven Simple Actions that Build Employee Motivation

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Thoughtfully motivating employees requires focused energy and a diverse set of motivational strategies and tools.  There are also simple activities that can support employee motivation. Here’s a list of opportunities to motivate others. Commit to them, and you will see positive outcomes in both the short and long term. Say “thank you.” Everyone is motivated…
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Advancing Leadership for Women

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2018 has seen a lot of women’s movements with women rising up in media, politics and business. While there have been positive changes there are still few women in today’s top leadership roles. According to the Pew Report [1] women occupy less than 22% in the US Senate, US House or US Cabinet-level positions. As…
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Building New Leaders

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In Pryor seminars, we often meet professionals who are eager to lead, but are not yet supervisors or managers.  Many say, “I’m not a leader yet;” or ask, “How do I lead when I have no control?” Our seminars and online learning focus on developing leadership competencies in emerging leaders, who do not yet have…
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Three Management Success Books

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Looking for some good management books for National Reading Month? Here are three that have been around a while but remain timeless in their insights. “The Goal” by Eliyahu M. Goldratt and Jeff Cox (North River Press; 30th Anniversary Edition; 2014). Who thought an operations management book could be such a great novel, and that…
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Great Team Building Icebreakers

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Sometimes, a team doesn’t need or isn’t quite ready for an in-depth set of team building activities.  Maybe it’s a team that is just forming after reorganization, or maybe it’s a team of individual contributors and teamwork is less essential to success. In these cases, team building icebreakers can be a great start. Consider some…
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